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16-Feb-2018 23:26

A fun and economical way for us to create our own herbal beverages.

Simply fill bag with material of your choice and iron shut–no glue needed or used to make this product.

One full spoon is the perfect amount for a typical 8 ounce cup of tea.

Traditionally manufactured in Japan from Bamboo, this spoon is made according to the historical models used in ceremonies. This indispensable tool is a must have for the dedicated Matcha drinker who wants even disbursement of their Matcha powder when making tea.

This tool features a mesh infuser on a handle, which may be opened or closed by squeezing the handle.

Stainless steel and the ball measures 1 1/2" The classic "press 'n brew" tea bags which have proven to be both useful and indispensible for all our tea brewing needs.

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Very useful for brewing large pots of tea, infusing bath herbs, for poultices, food preparation, and a variety of other uses. Small Dimensions-2 3/4" x 4" Large Dimensions-4" x 6" More details… This unbleached cotton tea net is great for tea pots, single cups, and is equally suitable for straining tinctures or oils.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen whitened, without the use of bleach or other chemicals. Small - 2.25 x 2.25 (good for single cups of tea) Large - 4 x 5 (good for whole pots of tea) Now lined with a plant based polymer that makes these bags 100% compostable!

These brown kraft bags are a staple regular for most teas and coffees, and they have a re-foldable stay fresh top.

Whether you’re following a traditional practice or simply enjoying your favorite brew, take time to enjoy tea!

Savor tea in style with this versatile stainless steel tea strainer warmly decorated around the rim in a beautiful celestial motif.

These unique black mugs have a decorative handle and flared rim.

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